RATES: Service Call $80. $40 if machine is not left out on scheduled service call.
Note: Labor rates do not include parts, fluids, shop supplies, fuel/disposal, shipping, or extended service in some towns.
Labor Rate: $59.00/hr. for Push Mower 22" and smaller, Pressure washer.
                  $69.00/hr. for Lawn/Garden Tractor, Commercial Mower, Snowblower, and Generator.
                  $75.00/hr. for certain Generators and Special Equipment
                  Labor rate broken down into 15 minute intervals after 1 hour.

Tune-Up: Estimate Only(price varies based on parts/supplies/fluids/fuel. Does the engine start?)
Lawn Tractor/Walk-Behind/Zero-Turn: $195 
General machine inspection. Change oil. Replace oil filter(where applicable). Replace fuel filter. Inspect/Replace spark plug(s). Clean/Replace air/pre filter. Grease zerk fittings. Clean/Tighten battery terminals.
Test charging system. Set tire pressure. Sharpen blades. Cleaned off deck. Inspect belts. Test safety systems and brake.

Lawn Mower: $85
General machine inspection. Change oil. Inspect/Replace spark plug. Clean/Replace air/pre filter. Sharpen blade. Clean deck. Adjust drive belt/Self Propel only.

Snowblower: $165
General machine inspection. Change oil. Inspect/Replace spark plug. Inspect/Adjust auger and drive belts/cables. Grease machine. Set tire pressure. Top off auger gear box oil. Inspect/Adjust skid shoes and scraper blade. Inspect shear pins. Clean drive plate. Set engine RPM. Drain/Clean carb bowl.

Generator: $115
General Inspection. Change oil. Inspect spark plug. Clean air filter. Test/Set Output Voltage.
Does not include fuel filter(most generators don't have one/screen in tank). Does not include spark plug or air filter(usually a generator is used so infrequently these items do not need replacement). 

Monday-Friday 8am-2pm.
Saturday, Sunday: Closed