RATES: Service Call $80. $40 if machine is not left out on scheduled service date.

Note: Labor rates do not include parts, fluids, shop supplies, fuel/disposal, shipping.

Labor Rate: $59.00/hr. for Push Mower 22" and smaller, Pressure Washer.

$70.00/hr. for Lawn/Garden Tractor, Commercial Mower, Walk-Behind, Snowblower, and Generator.

$75.00+/hr. for certain Generators and Special Equipment

Labor rates are broken down into 15-minute intervals after 1 hour.

Tune-Up: Estimate Only (price varies based on parts/supplies/fluids/fuel. Does the engine start?)

Lawn Tractor/Walk-Behind/Zero-Turn: $199.

Currently based on a back injury (this will lower current estimate) potential deck work (blade sharpening, spindles, deck belts), drive belts, and tire repair may be delayed until recovery.

Tune-up includes: General machine inspection. Change oil. Replace oil filter (where applicable). Replace fuel filter. Inspect/Replace spark plug(s). Clean/Replace air/pre-filter. Grease zerk fittings. Clean/Tighten battery terminals. Test charging system. Set tire pressure. Clean off top of deck. Inspect belts. Test safety systems and brake. Inspect/adjust RPM.

Lawn Mower: $89

General machine inspection. Change oil. Inspect/Replace spark plug. Clean/Replace air/pre-filter. Sharpen blade. Clean underside of deck. Adjust drive belt (Self Propel only). Inspect/adjust RPM.

Snowblower: $169

General machine inspection. Change oil. Inspect/Replace spark plug. Inspect/Adjust auger and drive belts/cables. Grease machine. Set tire pressure. Top off auger gear box oil. Inspect/Adjust skid shoes and scraper blade. Inspect shear pins. Clean drive plate. Set engine RPM. Drain/Clean carburetor bowl.

Generator: $119

General machine inspection. Change oil. Inspect spark plug. Clean air filter. Test/Set Output Voltage.

Does not include fuel filter (most generators don't have one/screen in tank). Does not include spark plug or air filter (usually a generator is used so infrequently these items do not need replacement).

If fuel is old and contaminated customer must supply containers to drain fuel and they must also dispose of fuel. Some generators hold 5 gallons.


Service Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-12pm.

Saturday, Sunday, Some Holidays: Closed